Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don’t make any products – we’re a reseller not a manufacturer.

We rely on data and feedback from all platform members as well as the reputation and capabilities of our manufacturing and distribution partners.

Many office products are now manufactured overseas and we’re not able to focus exclusively on products made in the United States. Our platform solution is vendor agnostic but, if country of origin is important to you, then we can help factor this into your final purchasing decisions.

Yes, we do. We have a wide range of original brand ink and toner cartridges as well as aftermarket versions for many of the popular cartridges.

There probably aren’t that many different products. However, we have access to a combined catalog of more than 100,000 products with some wholesalers and distributors offering the same product. This is what enables us to offer you an almost unrestricted choice and the best value to fit your requirements.

Our returns policy and product guarantee are described on the Terms & Conditions page. In short – if there’s ever a problem we’re going to take care of you.

No problem! This is what our Remote Printer Management Service is designed to help with! We can map specific cartridges to specific printing devices, depending on your needs and requirements. Technology enables us to deliver a custom solution designed for you!

There is no risk - the printer management app is configured only to receive encrypted information from your networked printing devices back to our secure servers for analysis and interpretation. There is never any data sent to your network.

The Printer Management App is a Data Collection Agent (also known as a DCA) and is a software app that gathers data from your networked printers effectively making them part of the “Internet of Things”.

No, you can leave at any time.

We will monitor your printing activity for the next 30 days. (You’ll be able to login and monitor as well!) After the 30-day monitoring period we'll provide you with a proposal for your future ink and toner cartridge requirements.

No problem, there’s no obligation for you to buy from us.

Yes, you will have full visibility to all your networked printer assets and you will have full visibility to all your ink and toner requirements. You will have much more control and visibility to your spending requirements.

In becoming a member of our platform we will make all your printing and copier devices part of the Internet of Things which will help you better manage your print costs.

We will provide you with specialist advice to help you digitize your documents and reduce the amount of paper used in your business. The use of electronic "filing cabinets" means anyone authorized to do so can access files 24/7 from anywhere there's an internet connection.

Over time your demand for printed output will continue to decrease. This means the equipment you need to purchase at the next renewal cycle will be likely to be very different from what you purchased or leased last time. This process will help you save money up front as well as reduce the ongoing operating expenses.